Here are the 2014 results with solo categories split out showing result in sub category whilst maintaining position overall. If you want to work out your overall just add your position to the next position above from the other if you are showing 35th veteran and the next non veteran above is 22nd then you finished 57th overall.



Thanks To Dave Hayward for all his work and super pics. You can see them all at

DHP_4712-3423839804-O DHP_7085-3423839851-ODHP_4987-3423839785-O


Rider Comments

The best ever!!! you got to do
this again! wish all events this
much fun and this well run!!!!!
Even more of us will be back
next year!

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Organiser's Diary
For a while there things weren't looking good. Numbers were down a little (after the monsoon of 2012), the cowboys and indians wanted our date, the venue is having a tungsten mine take some of the land and it felt like change would be good....but we genuinely don't think there is a better venue and we convinced Newnham that the date really was important and that there were more quality trails out there. Bontrager have confirmed a 9th year of title sponsorship (has