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Entries open at 12 midday on October 24 and to reward those of you who like to get in early we have secured a great selection of freebies for the first 500 entrants. We like early entrants as it helps us keep our entry prices lower and begin to make commitments to our suppliers, so it's our way of saying thanks.

This year we have some Chapeau! samples, Clif Bar, Juice Lubes sample, Bontrager bottle, Clif Shots and a Bontrager RL bottle cage (with a choice of 10 colours). All stuff you're going to use at some point and some of which you might be pretty grateful for when you need a boost (body, bike or energy) in the wee small event hours. Thanks to Juice Lubes,Clif Bar and Bontrager for their ongoing event support.

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We are delighted to confirm that Twentyfour12 will return in 2014 to Newnham Park Plymouth. Not only have we managed to keep the same venue but we have also managed to fight off the Cowboys and Indians and reserve our first choice date of July 26/27. The third bit of good news is that Bontrager have agreed to be our title sponsor for an amazing 9th year and along with some of our other great sponsors we will be offering some great free rewards to our first 500 entrants.

Thanks for all your feedback, which helped us convince the venue that the date was important and that Newnham was the place we wanted to be. We really believe it's the best all round venue in the country and despite looking at many other options it's the one we kept coming back to.

Other news for 2014 is that we are releasing some additional 24 hour solo places, adding a new 24 solo veterans category, adding more entertainment and making the kids race available for pre entry. The Yurt will be the home for the big screen with some great live cycling coverage from the Commonwealth Games and the Tour, and we can confirm we will be open for campers from Thursday onwards so for your entry fee you can stay for up to 4 nights!

Entries will open at 1200 on October 24th



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Great course. Great atmosphere. 
Great event. I loved it. A big
thanks to everyone involved.
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For a while there things weren't looking good. Numbers were down a little (after the monsoon of 2012), the cowboys and indians wanted our date, the venue is having a tungsten mine take some of the land and it felt like change would be good....but we genuinely don't think there is a better venue and we convinced Newnham that the date really was important and that there were more quality trails out there. Bontrager have confirmed a 9th year of title sponsorship (has