Category Guide


Solo (18+) - As it says 24 hours on your own with only your pit helper and a few hundred riders on course for company. Designated solo area trackside for you to leave kit/equipment/helpers.
Solo Veteran (40+) - A second year category by popular request for men and women. Designated solo pit area and prizes for the top 3 men and women.
There are 100 solo places in 2016. 19 places left as of January 20

Pairs (18+) - Two riders racing in relay, you decide the team tactics and how many laps each rider does. (20 places available) 4 places left as of January 20
Open (18+) - Relay format, this will be the most popular category in the 24 hour event. This is an up to 5 rider category for Men, Women and Mixed.

Veterans - A new separate category for 2016 (combined age 170+ for 4 riders, 210+ for 5 riders)

Just For Fun (16+) - Relay, teams of up to 8.
This category is for those who want to soak up the atmosphere, enjoy the social side of the event and not be too inconvenienced with the chore of riding their bikes for more than one or two laps. May suit work groups, clubs or people with low quality lighting systems!


Midday start, Midnight Finish
Solos (18+) - 1 rider, 12 hours, finish at Midnight and crack open the Barbie and the Beers and enjoy the midnight entertainment. Just 7 places left as of January 20

Solo Veterans (40+) - as above but for the more 'experienced' rider.
Pairs (18+) - 2 riders in relay, you decide how you divide the load.
Teams of 4 - 4 riders in relay.


Midnight start, Midday Finish
Solos only - just you and the darkness...but you do get the sunrise too...