2016 Pivot TwentyFour12 Results

28th July, 2016

Results for all 12 and 24 hour races can be found here

Results for the under 16 races can be found here

Dave Hayward's official gallery is also live here

A cracking blog from 24 hour solo veteran winner Russ Welch here, one from Solo 12 runner up Sally Hall here, another interesting read from Torchbearer podium rider Jo Hitchen here and Iain Webb has added his view from a little lower down the pack here. Nigel Smith has now caught up on his sleep and uploaded his solo 24 blog here. Initially entered into the 24 solo Greg Barton sufered a few training setbacks and had to readjust his goals to the 12 hour...things we're going well until

If it's section comparison you're after then head over to the two official Strava sections Topeak Traverse and Clif Climb.

Singletrack magazine were there too and have done an excellent report they were also posting lots of facebook live and you can look at some of the footage within the report...you might see yourself!